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60 mins drawing:Garou&Busaiku from OPM

60 mins drawing:Garou&Busaiku from OPM


Painting experiment~正直Droogさんで力尽きました Deuceくん虐めるつもりはないんだけど何故か不憫に

匿名ユーザーの発言:: PART IV (Grand Finale(?)): Finally, could you make a list of some of the titles that you do fan-art for? There are some that I recognize (Btw, GREAT taste! Thumbs up approval! X'D), but I cannot tell if it's your own story or not. Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question..

Here you are, this is the list :-D
Middens Gingiva off Homestuck OPM AMR RotG TF2 Don’t Starve Batman
I barely post original arts on the Internet, so almost all of my arts posted here are fan arts. And your question isn’t a dumb at all. I was actually thinking that this blog was totally mess-up lacking such a list.

匿名ユーザーの発言:: PART III: Fifth, I couldn't help but notice you speak both English and Japanese! (Amazing.. o ^ o) It's actually a dream of mine to learn Japanese and plan on taking the language courses covering it when I start college soon. Is there any advice you can give in relation to learning it thoroughly? I want to be able to actually know the language, and hone it! It's not that I believe it'll be TOO difficult, but it would benefit me in the future to know it.. xD

Huhuhu thanks :) My English isn’t fluent, but I manage to use it ~^^;
And I’m so glad to hear you’re planning to learn my native language!
Well, Japanese sentence often lacks the subject and sometimes object. Therefore, you’d better pay attention the context and use your imagination while dealing with Japanese.
In addition, I infer kanji(Chinese characters) is the major problem to learn Japanese. Though each kanji letter has its own meaning and is like a unique pattern. So you should enjoy memorizing them and be able to use them in your art-piece in the future ;)
I hope these advices will help you~

匿名ユーザーの発言:: PART II: Third, any advice you could give when it comes to perspective and getting an artwork together in whole? Fourth, what would you recommend for someone to get their art finished? (I'm lacking the discipline to finish mine usually.. Let alone start it.. ^^")

3. Umm, well I’m not good at drawing complicated perspective artwork, but I try to answer your question. It really helps me to watch photos on PC or iPhone when I try to draw new poses of human or things I haven’t drawn before. I think it makes my art more realistic than one I draw only with imagination. I also get a reference from my figurine collections. Btw imitating a whole photo which is found on the Internet isn’t good, so I just learn the part I really didn’t know how it looks like.
4. First, I draw some rough sketches for several artworks. When I get warmed-up and in high spirit, I start inking them and ink them continuously until my concentration lasts. Painting is the same, I paint a few arts successively when I get encouraged. However If you wanna concentrate on one detailed art-piece, this way isn’t be effective.
Choosing your favorite sketch for finishing and disposing of others may help you too. This can make you serious and concentrate on your truly favorite one.
These are how I encourage myself to finish. Not related to how, Self-encouragement is the best way imo :o)

匿名ユーザーの発言:: First off.. I really love your art style! It's so beautiful, yet has this exotic twist to it that I cannot exactly describe! Just thought I let that out first. Anyway, my question is what mediums do you use to make your art? That, and how long on average does it take you to make an art-piece? (Sorry if my question is too long.. ^^")

Wow wow I really appreciate your praise ;///;
Lately, I draw lines with mechanical pencil and paint them on SAI. This way shortens my drawing time and I can draw lines almost everywhere if there are writing materials and table :-)
Finishing one art-piece takes 2-4 hours on average in all. When I draw relatively detailed one, it takes 6 hours or so. (No prob, I enjoy answering questions. If you have other questions, please ask me without hesitation ;D)

reinnainvittoriaの発言:: ( Hello! Just passing by to ask permissio to use your art in roleplay and graphics? Linking back to you, off course! )

Certainly! Thank you for asking :-)